Literacy is one of the areas of action of the Association. Several works have been carried out. Indeed, research has been done, the orthography of the language has been set up and validated by the community. Besides the orthography, the Ayizɔ-ko syllabary is being finalized for an effective start of literacy in Ayizɔ-ko communities.


Literacy workshop

Alph holisti

This takes place in the commune of Allada, 17 alpha-holistic facilitators to learn to read and write the Ayizo-ko language


To enable the community to read and write the Ayizo-ko language, 41 alpha-holistic facilitators were trained.

Holistic literacy training in Lokossa

Literacy training in Lokossa with 17 participants


Holistic literacy training in Toffo center from April 17 to 28, 2023 with 13 participants. By the grace of God, this number of holistic alpha facilitators will ignite the entire region of Toffo according to their commitment.


                    We have the visit of the president of the Ayizo kogbe association on the penultimate day of the training.