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 We welcome you to our website Association Ayizɔ-Kogbe na yi nukɔn. This site offers you materials about the Ayizɔ-Kogbe language and culture.

Ayizɔ-Kogbe na yi nukɔn Association is a Christian development association, created on August 04, 2018 and registered under the n° 2019/187/MISP/DC/SGM/DAIC/SC/SA of 01/03/2020. Our purpose is to work for the development and promotion of the Ayizɔ-Ko language. The Association aims to create a work, training and production center for translation, literacy and research in the AYIZƆ-KO language.


Let us meditate on Word of God daily  dear brothers in the Lord

Verse of the day

Celui qui commet le péché, est du diable; car le diable pèche dès le commencement. Or, le Fils de Dieu a paru pour détruire les œuvres du diable.

1 John 3:8

The headquarters of the association is located in Zè-Centre, Commune of Zè , Department of Atlantic (Republic of Benin)

BP : 74 Allada              
Contacts : (00229) 68 61 99 00 / 66 28 94 20 / 97 88 97 20
WhatsApp : (00229) 68 61 99 00
Email : [email protected]


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