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 We welcome you to our website Association Ayizɔ-Kogbe na yi nukɔn. This site offers you materials about the Ayizɔ-Kogbe language and culture.

Ayizɔ-Kogbe na yi nukɔn Association is a Christian development association, created on August 04, 2018 and registered under the n° 2019/187/MISP/DC/SGM/DAIC/SC/SA of 01/03/2020. Our purpose is to work for the development and promotion of the Ayizɔ-Ko language. The Association aims to create a work, training and production center for translation, literacy and research in the AYIZƆ-KO language.

Let us meditate on Word of God daily  dear brothers in the Lord

Verse of the day

Vous serez heureux lorsqu'à cause de moi on vous dira des injures, qu'on vous persécutera, et qu'on dira faussement contre vous toute sorte de mal. Réjouissez-vous et tressaillez de joie, parce que votre récompense sera grande dans les cieux; car on a ainsi persécuté les prophètes qui ont été avant vous.

Matthew 5:11

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Happy year
Happy year

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                          The office of the board of direction


The President Mrs AHOYO ADJOVI Martine born HOUNGBADJI

The General secretary of Association

The Secretary Mr AHUI Albert

The General Treasurer of Association

The treasurer/Pastor Martinien HOUNVIKIN


The headquarters of the association is located in Zè-Centre, Commune of Zè , Department of Atlantic (Republic of Benin)

BP : 74 Allada              
Contacts : (00229) 68 61 99 00 / 66 28 94 20 / 97 88 97 20
WhatsApp : (00229) 68 61 99 00
Email : [email protected]


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