Ayizɔ-Kogbe na yi nukɔn Association, in partnership with Wycliffe Benin, churches and individuals, works in the areas of Translation, Literacy, Impact with the Holy Scriptures and Community Development.    

The translation consists of:

- translate the Bible and parabiblical books such as biblical commentaries, concordances, etc. in the AYIZƆ-KO language, - produce and publish Christian literature (biblical extracts, newspapers, theatrical plays, audio/audio-visual media, etc.).

Literacy consists of:

- support the production of teaching materials,

- encourage the creation of classes in churches and schools in the AYIZƆ-KO community

- bring the illiterate population to use the written language in their economic activities,

- introduce scholars to the mother tongue in its written form,

- promote the Scriptures through written texts and audio/audio-visual media,

- encourage the production of secular literature,

- encourage the local population to read and write in AYIZƆ-KO in order to preser.   

    The research consists of: - carry out linguistic, anthropological and cultural research in the AYIZƆKO territory.


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